Teens of Lesbian Moms Well Adjusted & Better Behaved Than Peers

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Flickr photo by Orin Zebest
The results of this new study don't necessarily shock me, but they're interesting nonetheless -- especially, I suppose, for anyone who thinks kids raised by two women can't possibly turn out to be well-adjusted teens.

And guess what? These kids seem to have LESS behavioral problems than their peers too.


The National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study followed the children of lesbian mothers for 17 years and found the teens demonstrate healthy psychological adjustment and have fewer behavioral problems than their peers.

Compared to a control group of gender-matched American teenagers, the children with two moms in the study were rated significantly higher in social, academic, and total competence, and significantly lower in social problems, rule-breaking, aggressive, and externalizing problem behavior.

Study authors suggest these findings could have implications for the clinical care of lesbian families, for the expert testimony provided by pediatricians on lesbian mother custody, and for public policies concerning same-sex parenting.

If a study like this can change any aspect of the unjust discrimination lesbian moms or their families may face, then gooooo study!

The full study titled "US National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study: Psychological Adjustment of 17-Year-Old Adolescents" will be published in the July print issue of Pediatrics and is available now on the Pediatrics website.

Do the results of this study surprise you?

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