Supervised Kid Fights: A New Parenting Trend?

kids play fighting
Flickr photo by Thoth, God of Knowledge

Kid fights happen, just check out You Tube. But should parents encourage them? Actually organize and supervise a fight club them so they can stop the inevitable before the loser gets beaten to a pulp and needs serious medical attention? A lot of parents do this for drinking alcohol. They say kids are going to do it anyway, why not let them drink in the safety of their own home, with no cars or keys around to risk serious harm.

A few cuts and bruises.

An upset tummy and a headache.

What's the difference?

There is one major one. It's illegal for anyone under 21 to drink. To the best of my knowledge, it's not illegal for anyone of any age to enter into a voluntary fight. Assault and battery is illegal, yes, but wrestling around the ground is not. Drinking also raises the risk of this little thing called addiction ... but I'll let you go off on that tangent and get back to the fighting.


There's yet another reported case of organized fighting, this time to settle a playground score. This one is all the way down in Hobbit Land, New Zealand.

Kids have been taking to fighting in the streets, so a few parents have been organizing backyard brawls. Both cases were -- surprisingly -- girls!

While police investigated the cases, they admitted that they weren't sure it was an illegal offense and didn't press charges. When the case involves parents and their own children, apparently it's a grey area.

Now, two teachers organizing a fight club among students at school -- in the classroom! -- without the parents' permission ... that's a different story. That happened recently in New York City, and that was all sorts of wrong wrong wrong.

I know it may sound sick to many of you. From an early age, we teach our kids "fight with your words, not your fists," but in my own experience, some of the words that come of out kids' mouths these days hurt a lot harder than a few quick blows. So, in a weird, imprecise kind of way, I think this might make a lot of sense, too.

What are  your thoughts on organized kid fighting?

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