Would You Buy a Kids' Book From a Homophobe?

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How's this for a parenting dilemma: Your kid just found a book they adore, and they're actually reading instead of playing video games.

BUT -- and this is a big one -- you find out in his personal life the author is a disgusting homophobe.

What would you do?


That was the question posed in this month's issue of Wired (it's got Toy Story 3 on the cover if you're looking for it!).

Mr. Know-It-All -- aka Brendan I. Koerner -- had a brilliant answer. Don't deny them the pleasure of reading, but by all means, find a way NOT to pad that author's pockets.

Buy it secondhand (hello eBay) or borrow it from the library. THEN, and this is the beautiful part, take the monies you saved and donate them to a gay cause.

It does get tough protecting your kids from morons.

I'm almost afraid to turn on ESPN lest she see some new 'roided up baseball player or drunk-driving football player or basketball player who cheats on his wife. But I can't keep her from an overall love of the New York Yankees or the pleasure of kicking a soccer ball around the yard with her dad.

And when it comes to reading, have you checked out the list of authors with dirty souls?

The simple answer is you can support one without the other. I support the Yankees and baseball; I don't support A-Rod's cheating on his wife and taking illegal substances.

I support reading Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to her at night (and watching the movie); not Ian Fleming's penchant for boozing and womanizing.

BUT, at the end of the day, you have to put your money where your mouth is. Sometimes literally. 

Fund the gay rights causes or the domestic violence shelters. And for goodness sake, raise the issue with your kids when they're old enough to understand each issue. 

Do you throw the books out with the bath water?

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