Making an Exception to the No Toy Guns Rule

Super Soaker
Photo from Amazon
Gun play is not big on my list of best activities for the kids. But I have to make one major exception.

I love water guns.

Loved them when I was a kid. Love them now that I'm a parent.


Call me a hypocrite. I'll just call myself a cool cucumber on a hot day.

Chasing my brother around the (outside of the) house, Super Soaker cranked for heavy-duty firepower, bits of water dripping down my arms to provide sweet, sweet summer relief, was our version of sibling bonding.

If only we'd had today's version of the Super Soaker.

Owned by Hasbro, they're still around, and get this, you no longer have to let your guard down to go stand at the hose and refill those suckers.

The Super Soaker Soaker Wars ($17.99) above lets you add soda bottles to keep yourself stocked on plenty of water. So you fill a half dozen bottles, stash your water arsenal, and then go to cool off town.

Do you make an exception for water guns during the summer months?

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