Drunken Teen Removed From Prom Faces Charges

prom teen Jessica Halter
Photo from The Smoking Gun
Ohio teen Jessica Halter, 18, is facing several charges after being removed from her prom for being drunk, belligerent, screaming at school administrators, giving herself a bloody nose while swinging a chair at cops, refusing to take a Breathalyzer test, and kicking and spitting on police officers.

At least when I overdosed on peppermint schnapps at the 10th-grade dance, I had the decency to pass out cold before being carried out by paramedics. And then I drank my Ipecac in the ambulance like a good girl, which probably saved my life.

Oh, drunken teens at proms today ... *sigh*


But seriously folks (yes, I'm sober now; don't worry), I wonder how long it's going to take Ms. Halter to sleep off that hangover, one that's surely physical and excruciatingly emotional.

I know I lived in shame for awhile when it was my turn. Plus, I got suspended for a few days and missed all the dances the rest of the year, and my mom threw away my totally bitchen black dress, which was so lovely (probably not once I was done wearing it that night). What she probably should've done is thrown me and my hangover into rehab -- cause, well, that night wasn't the last time I drank too much, not by a long shot.

But I hear rehab in Ohio's pretty nice ...

What would you do if this was your daughter?

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