Explore Nature: Sometimes a Family Needs to Get Outside

Lake Tahoe pines trees
Photo by Sheri Reed
My family got all geared up to get outdoors this past holiday weekend. On the agenda: many walks outside, in the woods, along the lake, amid the birds, under the sky, shoes to dirt, without phones (especially phones with Internet access).

This family needed to get outdoors.


It feels like we've been running non-stop since 2010 began. My husband with a new job, my own growing job responsibilities, the kids with sports and school activities. And that's not counting volunteering tons of hours to the parent-run preschool in need, dealing with our old cat being diagnosed with cancer, and, you know, regular life stuff like paying the bills and keeping up the yard work.

It's just the life of the typical modern American family around here, but I was feeling like I'd lost touch with the three most important people in my life.

It's amazing how peace-giving and grounding a weekend full of outdoor plans can be: easy hikes, birdwatching, collecting rocks, gazing up the trunks of tall trees, bike riding, counting stars. I highly recommend it for other busy families, even in small doses.

What are your favorite outdoor activities with the family?

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