If Cell Phones Cause Brain Cancer, Why Get One for Your Kid?

Flickr photo by apdk
The link between cell phones and brain cancer just got stronger with an admittedly imperfect study.

For starters, the study conducted by the International Agency for Research on Cancer was partially funded by the cell phone industry. And yet it seems to support long-held fears that cell phones are making us sick.

And you really want to get one for your kid?


A recent survey estimates 20 percent of American kids ages 6 through 11 have their own cell phone.

SIX! Half of our kids can't tie their own shoes at 6.

And more than half of those kids are using it to text, 49 percent to play games. That flies in the face of the "oh, they only have it for emergencies" mantra that most parents use to justify handing their toddler a cell phone.

The experts are pretty clear on the dangers of the phone.

Susan Linn, a psychologist at Judge Baker Children’s Center and Harvard Medical School and director of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, warns the phones are a means for marketers to worm their way into your kids' everyday lives.

Linn suggests weighing out how real the safety concerns are that are pushing you to get a phone and waiting as long as possible. "If you're going to argue it as a safety advice, think about how much time a child is spending away from adult supervision -- really," she says.

Now there's this brain cancer link -- an imperfect study but a reminder that there's danger beyond being looked at funny by the sanctimommies.

Are you willing to risk it?

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