Teen Entrepreneurs: Young Hearts, Big Dollars

Diane Keng teenager
Photo from MyWeboo
High school teen Diane Keng just kicked off not her first, not her second, but her THIRD startup company.

Yep, she's only 18 years old. Sounds like someone will be graduating and leaving high school on the right foot.


Diane Keng's newest business venture, co-founded with her brother Steven, age 25, is an Internet company called MyWeboo.com, which was designed to help teens manage their digital-social identities all on one site (hey, I think I need this site!).

"My age, my gender, and my lack of experience don't deter me from going after what I want for the company," says Keng, who handles the marketing for MyWeboo.com from her home.

Keng, who lives in the tech-savvy Silicon Valley and whose venture-capitalist father gave her $100,000 in seed money, is now pitching MyWeboo to venture capitalists. Also helpful, her high school actually encourages entrepreneurial projects, offers business, marketing, and financial courses, and allows her to miss class and make up tests as necessary.

Many startups don't succeed and, according to YouNoodle Inc., a company that tracks startups, young entrepreneurs tend to place more value on their ideas than they tend to actualize business-wise. However, I think if a teen can keep her grades up, this kind of gusto and drive can only be seen as positive.

After all, someone's story has to be a success. Check out these 10 Awesome Companies Built by Teens. Wow!

What teen is blowing your mind these days?

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