New Book Series for the Middle Grades

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The new Harry Potter may be 10 years into our future, but new book series for the middle grades are always being born. 

What better time than spring to take a look at some of The Stir's new favorites?


Yours Truly, Lucy B. Parker -- The first in this series, Girl vs. Superstar, hits shelves today. Written by sometimes screenwriter Robin Palmer, it's Are You There God, It's Me Margaret pushed to the new millennium with a dose of angst taken out. A fun dressing down of the superstars tweens adore, it's a nice self esteem boost for the everyday girls.

Sophie the ... -- There's no doubt Sophie is awesome (or a hero or a chatterbox -- titles of upcoming editions), but dealing with a name that everyone else has and a middle-of-the-road life can be hard on a kid. For kids 7 to 9, the first book in the new Lara Bergen series hits May 1.

The don't top the old favorites -- the Littles, the Boxcar Children, Nancy Drew, and of course, the boy wizard himself, but getting kids into a series is a surefire way of hooking them.

What are your kids' favorite book series?

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