School Paddles Teenagers As Punishment

Flickr photo by holisticmonkey
Paddling a child's behind might still have its parental supporters, but get this -- 17 out of 18 teens chose paddling as their punishment at a recent high school prom.



At school.

Where was this? Dubai where you get a month in the slammer for PDA? Singapore where they cane you for gum on the streets?

No and no.


This was in the good ol' US of A, where an Alabama high school cited 18 kids for violating the prom dress code, and 17 of them ponied up for a paddling.

And apparently that isn't news. Or at least not nearly as newsworthy as the attempt to make us feel bad for a girl's slutty prom dress -- the real focus of a recent AOL News piece where I uncovered the preference for paddling in an aside buried near the end. 

I'll have to admit to some regional bias -- a spanking at school in my eighties childhood was unheard of, at least in New York State. To be fair, my husband recalls being called to the office in second grade and paddled across the behind for telling another child they had the teacher's germs.

No surprise, he was born and raised in the south.

Southerners' preference for corporal punishment is not just anecdotal -- a survey in 2009 found parents below the Mason Dixon line are the most likely to be pro-spanking. And southern kids are more likely to be spanked at school than anywhere else in the states.

But even the pro-spankers I've met draw the line somewhere in elementary school. This is the first I've ever heard of spanking a high schooler -- or a high schooler submitting to it.

If you're a spanker, what age is your cut off?

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