Hot Prom Looks: Sixteen & Slutty

Tony Bowls prom dress;
Unique Vintage
If vampires are hot for teen movies, vamp is hot for teen proms.

Imagine if Edward Cullen ripped half the fabric off the bodice, and you've got your daughter's dream dress.

Oh Molly Ringwald, give me strength.


The poofy, frothy over-the-top cocktail dresses of Pretty in Pink days may make us groan when we look back at the yearbooks, but at least they left a little to the imagination. Unlike today's hot numbers.

As one dress shop manager told the New York Post this week, "For prom this year, girls want short and poofy or long, tight-fitting, with everything cut out -- the sides are gone, the back is gone, the front is basically gone."

So I did a little digging.

I found prom dresses advertised with a woman's hand hidden seductively in between her legs, the short silky skirt hiked to show a chunk of thigh.

Dresses with cleavage popping out the top and a skirt that stops nearly a foot above the knee.

Dresses with teeny fabric x's across the midriff with no fabric to hold them there.

I understand most of us have a finite amount of time to show what our mama gave us, but these aren't marketed as bridal dresses that the younger girls are scooping up. They're all clearly marked "prom" and intended to make the principal's eyes pop out of his or her head.

Do I sound like my grandmother or are you as freaked as I am by the trampy trend?

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