Killers of Five Teenagers Found After 32 Years

Five teen-aged boys simply vanished in August of 1978 in Newark, New Jersey, and finally police say they have the men responsible for the boys' murder.


In what police believe to be a revenge killing for the theft of a pound of marijuana, two men -- Lee Evans, now 56, and Philander Hampton, now 53 -- each face five charges of murder and and five charges of arson. It is believed these two and a third man suspected in the crime, who died in March 2008, locked the five boys in an abandoned house, set the building on fire, and left them to die.

Their poor mothers -- and families. What a long and excruciating ordeal with an even more awful ending to it -- to wait all these years only to find out your child suffered to death in this terrible way over something so petty.

Sending my condolences to the families. May they find closure after all.

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