Haul Videos: Where Young Women Flaunt Their Materialism

I often squirm when I think of all the ways I might've used technology like webcams and YouTube when I was a wild and wonderful teenager; however, showing off what I purchased at the mall isn't on the list of things that freaks me out. Or is it?


Haul videos are the new trend sweeping YouTube. These are homemade videos in which mostly teen girls or college-aged young women show off what they've purchased on recent shopping sprees -- from clothing and handbags to shoes and beauty supplies.

In an article on Slate, the "Thrill of the Haul," Blair (aka Juicystar07) who has more than 600,000 views on at least one of her haul videos says she's not bragging. She says, "It's more like, I'm 16, I work two jobs, and this is what I've saved my money up for, and I'm excited to share it with you guys."

That doesn't explain the haul video above, in which FashionMyth shows off her haul that includes a Louis Vuitton handbag, Tiffany necklace, two Coach wallets, and a whole lot more from regular people stores like Forever 21, TJ Maxx, and others.

I worked in high school and worked two jobs in college, and I never had this kind of haul.

Oh well, seems innocent enough for these privileged young women. At least they're not out doing countless other horrible things...

What do you think of the haul video trend?

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