Good Luck Charlie Puts Baby in Tween World

Disney Channel's evening program has long been the bastion of the tweens, so it isn't without risk that Good Luck Charlie, premiering this weekend, is all about a baby.

At least title character Charlie, short for Charlotte, is under a year old, with a mom who goes back to work for the first time in the pilot episode, the requisite bumbling dad and three much older siblings.



It's those older siblings who grab most of the screen time, especially frequent JONAS guest star Bridgit Mendler, who has secured the role of big sister Teddy Duncan, who's prepping Charlie for growing up in the family via a video diary.

Mendler is very much a teen, but with a refreshing bit of common sense and wholesomeness, and manages to steal the show.

The Disney Channel is trying to market the show as family entertainment off the best kind -- a show you can watch with your kids and all walk away sated.

In an age of more mixed families and more cases of teens/tweens with siblings in Charlie's age range, the basic plot will hit home with families. The tweens will be happy with Mendler and Jason Dolley, the teen playing eldest Duncan kid Casey.

But the success of catching and keeping parents will rely largely on how much time the tired archetypes of bumbling dad Bob (Eric Allan Kramer) and frazzled mom Amy (Will and Grace's Leigh Allyn Baker) spend onscreen.

Good Luck Charlie premieres this Sunday, April 4 at 8:30 p.m. ET on Disney Channel.

Will your family tune in?

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