Extra Small Condoms for Preteen Boys Hit the Market



Flickr: Photo by Tomizak


Finally, condoms specially sized for 12-year-old boys! Wait...huh?


Well, it seems a new extra-small condom called the Hotshot has been created for boys as young as 12 years old and are going on sale in Switzerland.

This new condom comes in response to government research on behalf of the Federal Commission for Children and Youth that showed more 12 to 14-year-olds were having sex, in comparison with the 1990s, and that this same group did not use sufficient protection when having sex.

As much as I think 12-year-olds are too young to be having sex, the fact is they are. So I'm all for a product that helps prevent unwanted pregnancies and the spread of STDs.

Just don't let the little "hot shots" know about the "extra small" factor. If they get wind of that customized feature, we'll be right back to square one.

What do you think about the launch of these extra-small condoms created for preteen boys?

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