Narnia Fans Will Delight in The Ever Breath; $11.55

Julianna Baggot's book The Ever Breath is taking advantage of the new interest in fantasy worlds the Narnia films has sparked in tween readers,.

The first of a new YA book series, the story of twins Camille and Truman is not as well developed as C.S. Lewis' chronicles, but the foray into another world can't help but spark their interest.


With their father gone missing, their mother working hard as a single mother to make ends meet, the Cragmeal twins are sent to live with their eccentric grandmother in a falling down house on a golf course. But soon after arrival, they learn the house isn't just old and in need of repairs, it's a portal to another world and that portal is closing.

Forced into the "Breath World" where their father is working to restore the portal, the twins experience a reversal of their sibling dynamic. The more dominant twin becomes dependent on her usually more helpless brother, a good lesson for siblings everywhere.

Without spoiling the end, Baggott leaves things open for sequels to come, and we hope she delves further into character development and a better understanding of the Breath World. Overall, good clean fantastical fun for tweens.

Are your kids fans of fantasy?

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