Best Sitcom Childbirth Scenes

CafeMom Contributors | Mar 10, 2010 TV

  • Friends: "The One Hundredth" Episode


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    This episode shows Phoebe, who is a surrogate for her brother's triplets, giving birth with the help of a Fonz-obsessed doctor.

  • Grey's Anatomy: "(As We Know It)" Episode


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    In perfect Grey's Anatomy fashion, Miranda Bailey goes into labor the same day a man comes in with a bomb inside know, just another day at Seattle Grace.

    I love that, even as a doctor who is well-educated in childbirth, Miranda is still a crazy pregnant woman, refusing to push until her husband gets there, even though it puts her and the baby at risk. See ladies, even doctors can't always think clearly during their labor.



  • I Love Lucy: "Lucy Goes to the Hospital" Episode


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    I Love Lucy is a little before my time, but in my research, this episode seems to be a favorite amongst labor scenes. Yes, they have the "freaking out of the soon-to-be-dad" and the "perfect plan going wrong" sitcom cliches, but this before it was overdone, so it works.

    They also aired it on the day Lucille Ball gave birth in real life, so I thought that was kinda neat.

  • Full House: "Happy Birthday, Babies" Episode


    An oldie but a goodie.

    Having been in the middle of Michelle's 5th birthday party, the entire family is dressed as the Flintstones as they head to the hospital for the birth of Nicky and Alex Katsopolis. I love the part where drugged-up Jesse (he had to have his appendix taken out) gets wheeled into the labor room and groggily sings, “Having my baby… what a lovely way of saying how much you love meeee" as Becky is screaming and pushing.

  • Scrubs: The Childbirth PSA


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    I can't remember which episode it is, but one of my favorite Scrubs moments is when J.D. thinks to himself how most women view childbirth as this wonderful, magical experience.

    Then it switches to a 1950s-era instructional video saying, "You'll fart, pee and poo in front of several doctors who will be staring intently at your vagina—which has an 80% chance of tearing."

    Watch the hilarious video on YouTube.

  • The Office: "The Delivery" Episode


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    The Office is one of the few sitcoms that actually got childbirth right. I think Alpha Mom said it all in her post about how well they nailed both the birth and the breastfeeding.

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