The Office: The Delivery Episode Recap

The Office

Photo from The Office/NBC

Welcome to the world Cecilia Marie! Obviously, I realize that Jim and Pam are fictional characters on a TV show, but I still felt as it was my friends having a baby on last night's special "Delivery" episode of The Office. Is that sad?


I found myself cringing with Pam on each contraction, talking to the TV saying, "Just go to the hospital already!" and feeling sympathetic towards her when the baby wouldn't latch. Thank goodness no one was home and I was only being judged by my cat.

As always, the episode provided tons of laughs including a male lactation consultant, breastfeeding the wrong baby (though that would be traumatizing to me, personally, in real life), a pregnancy contract between Dwight and Angela, and Michael, well, just being Michael ("I've got to go wash my eyes. That kid's going to have a lot of hair.")

Did you watch last night's episode? What was your favorite part?

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