The Bachelor Finale...Who Did Jake Choose?

the bachelor

Photo from The Bachelor/ABC

Dear Jake,

You are an idiot. Why, oh why, did you pick Vienna? Yes, she's a fun girl, but there is more to a wife than just having fun.


Granted, I wasn't a fan of Tenley, either. I didn't believe she was completely over her ex, but I do think she would have made a much better match for you than Vienna. She was actually capable of feeling love.

Are you blind? Or are you just being a typical guy? The kind of guy girls go on that show to avoid, the kind that goes for blonde hair, big boobs, and dim-witted women. Interestingly enough, that describes Vienna perfectly.

Listen to me, and basically every other woman in America, when we say, you made the wrong choice. I have no doubt that in six months, you'll be heartbroken, devastated, wondering what happened and why things didn't work out. Meanwhile, Vienna will be frolicking on the coast of the Bahamas, big boobs bouncing, with a new boy toy that looks like her very own Ken doll.

And if things do, for some unknown reason, work out...just picture what those awful extensions and plastic surgery are going to look like in ten years. 

Good luck with that.



P.S. I LOVE that Ali is the new Bachelorette!! In your face, Jake! :-p

Did you watch The Bachelor finale? Do you think Jake made the right choice? What are your thoughts on Ali being the new Bachelorette?

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