USA Hockey Beats Canada, Bode Gets Gold: Olympic Highlights Days 8-10


Photo by NBC Olympics

Team USA beat Canada in hockey, controversial ice dancing costumes and Bode gets gold. More Olympic highlights after the jump.


Russian ice dancers Oksana Domnina and Maksim Shabalin's Australian aboriginal routine caused a bit of uproar. Instead of talking about their amazing twists and turns, their costumes and dance moves were the center of conversation.Such a shame, because they really were quite good.

Team USA continues to baffle on the ice. Last night, USA's hockey team shocked the world as they beat Canada 5-3. Like I said before, we might very well be looking at Miracle on Ice #2. Dang, us beating Canada in hockey is like the ultimate "screw you."

Awesome alpine skier Bode Miller finally got his gold. This kid has been on the track for one for quite awhile, I'm surprised it's taken this long.

The Canadians' perfect curling streak came to an end. The women's curling team lost to China 6-5. I'd go into detail about the game, but, even after watching a whole lotta curling this weekend, I still do not understand the sport in the least bit.

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