Vonn Tumbles, Hockey Team Still Alive: Olympic Highlights Day 7

Torah Bright

Photo from Olympics/NBC

U.S. women's snowboarding fails, Vonn tumbles, and U.S. hockey keeps chugging along. More Olympic highlights after the jump.


Okay, so maybe not entirely fail, but the U.S. has always dominated in the halfpipe and this year, the gold was awarded to Australian Torah Bright. It was a messy night, with wipeouts from Americans Gretchen Bleiler and Kelly Clark. Bright had fallen during her first run, but made up for it in the second with a successful switch-backside 720. American Hannah Teter won second for her lackluster run (but she didn't fall) and Kelly Clark took bronze.

No double gold for Lindsey Vonn. After a fall during the super-combined, her hopes went out the window. I have no doubt she would've taken the win if she hadn't crashed. Chin up Lindsey, I still think you're awesome.

Who woulda figured our men's hockey team would still be fighting? Right now, they're 2-0, and go up against powerhouse Canada on Sunday. Intimidating I'm sure, but the Canadians had an embarrassing game against the Swiss, so they might have a chance. Perhaps it'll be deja vu from the Lake Placid Olympics...Miracle on Ice #2? Go USA!

Going by what a lot of my friends are saying, Johnny Weir got robbed of a medal last night in the men's figure skating. Eh, it is what it is. At least an American took the gold. Evan Lysacek nabbed first place, ending the Russian dominance of the sport (and preventing cocky Yevgeny Plushenko from winning. Go back into retirement Yevgeny).

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