Next Bachelorette: Ali or Gia?

Ali from The Bachelor

Photo from The Bachelor/ABC

Okay, so my hopes have been shot down on Ali coming back to The Bachelor. Darn you Jake, how could you still not see how Vienna really is?!


You see where my loyalty lies. So, as of last week's episode, after he dismissed Gia (who was my second favorite), I'm a little over Jake and his charming smile.

So in looking towards the future: rumor has it that one of my two favorite ladies may be the next Bachelorette, the female version of the show.

Gia from the Bachelor

Photo from The Bachelor/ABC

Whoohoo! I think Ali or Gia would make a great bachelorette. Heck, Ali's probably already been fired from her job for saying on national television that she regretted her decision to choose work over the show.

Both women have shown interest, so we'll see if one of them get chosen.

In your opinion, who would make the better Bachelorette, Gia or Ali?

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