White Curses, Vonn Wins Gold: Olympic Highlights Day 6

Shaun White

Photo from Olympics/NBC

Shaun White uses the F-bomb and celebrates his win; Lindsey Vonn wins gold despite injury; more Olympic highlights after the jump.


Donning "Vonncouver" hats, the fans of U.S. Olympic skier, Lindsey Vonn, had something to cheer about. She dominated the women's downhill run by a hefty .56 seconds (and in ski time that's like a friggin hour). But what makes this chick even more hardcore is that she won the gold with a severely bruised shin. She's the first U.S. female Olympian to take the downhill title. Way to go, Lindsey!

The one time NBC finally shows something live, Shaun White has to go and drop the F-bomb on national TV. Hmm...maybe that's why they choose to delay? Oops. Regardless, any cursing controversy was quickly dismissed after he nailed the men's halfpipe. And what made his performance so epic was, during the victory lap, instead of doing the safe route which most Olympians would opt for, White busts out with the extremely dangerous spiraling Double McTwist 1260. Not necessary, but f****g awesome, man.

Shani Davis earned his name in U.S. speed-skating history (if there is such a thing) after becoming the first American to defend the 1,000-meter distance in the classic long track discipline.

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