NBC's Olympic Broadcast Delays Are Annoying

NBC Olympics

Photo from NBC

Here I was thinking that the broadcasting would be pretty darn good during this winter's Olympic games. After all, Canada is just north, they have the same time zones as we do.


But there have been a lot of complaints about NBC delaying the Olympic telecasts. They're showing events way after they happen and thanks to the instant news access in our world, we hear the results before we get see the competition. And that kinda blows.

I mean, it's not like they have to broadcast at 3am in order for it to be live...the events are taking place at 9am, 1pm, 7:05pm...perfectly acceptable times for viewing. I get it that they may want to show it specifically for primetime coverage, but that's why there's a little thing called repeat. Shocking concept, eh?

Is it annoying for you to hear the results before you get to see the "live" competition? Do you think NBC should show the events, live, as they happen, or save them specifically for primetime?

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