2010 Olympics Opening Ceremony

The 2010 Winter Olympics will kick off tonight in Vancouver. The opening ceremony will begin at 9pm EST on NBC.


The opening ceremony is always one of my favorite parts of the Olympics. I love seeing the hosting country's cultures come to life and the lighting of the Olympic cauldron always gives me chill bumps!

Although no official performance announcements have been announced, several details have been leaked. Canadian music artists Bryan Adams and Sarah McLachlan are said to be  performing as well as Canadian Aboriginal drummers (cool!).

The Governor General of Canada will officially open the Olympics during the ceremony. It wasn't announced who would have the honor of lighting the Olympic cauldron, though Canadian hockey legend Wayne Gretzky's name was mentioned and rumors of a tribute to the late Jack Poole, a man who played a key role in the organization of these Olympics games and died of cancer last year.

As with many other Olympic opening ceremonies, historical Canadian culture is expected to be highlighted during the ceremony. David Atkins, the executive producer for the 2010 Opening and Closing Ceremonies was quoted as saying: "The Opening Ceremonies that have been the most successful are the ones that either define or redefine the culture in way that brings pride to the national audience, and a greater understanding of the essential elements of the culture of the Host Country to the global audience."

I can't wait to see what our northern neighbors have planned!

Are you watching the opening ceremony tonight?

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