"24" Headed to Big Screen


Photo from 24/Fox

Good news for 24 fans. The hit TV series will be hitting the big screen.


Right now, the script that their pitching will take Jack Bauer, the badass lead character played by Keifer Sutherland, to Europe.

It's still very much in the early stages of production, and a number of factors will influence how quickly this moves forward, including the fate of the TV show.

Currently, Fox has yet to order a ninth season, but rumor has it that this may very well be the last one.

The series' producers have been kicking around the possibility of a feature adaptation for several years and came close to moving ahead on one several years ago, however the prospect of shooting a film while the show was still on air was daunting for the cast and producers.

So, if the show does happen to end, the likelihood of the movie happening sooner rather than later is good.

Are you a fan of 24? If so, which would you rather see: the show coming to an end but a movie coming out quickly, or a few more seasons of the show and put the movie on the back burner?

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