Shocking Episode of The Bachelor!


Ali from The Bachelor

Photo from The Bachelor/ABC

Gasp! How about that episode of The Bachelor last night?!?

**Spoiler warning**


Ali Fedotowsky, who has been my favorite bachelorette throughout the entire season, abruptly left after her employer gave her an ultimatum: quit the show or lose her job.

When Jake couldn't guarantee that she'd definitely be the last one standing, she packed her bags.

Wow. Boo on whomever her employer is.

She had said in previous episodes how much she loved her job, so I can understand why she chose her career over someone who she couldn't even be sure she'd end up with. But then again, love is about taking risks.

I'm hoping she comes back. I just don't want to give up hope yet!

What would you have done? Would you have chosen love or your job? Are you sad to see Ali go?

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