What Group Should MTV Feature Next?

Jersey Shore TV Show

Photo from Jersey Shore/MTV

I don't know about you, but one season of fist pumping was enough for me. Unfortunately, MTV has signed up for another season of Jersey Shore, but I think they should've gone with another type of "personality" to exaggerate.


But what group would they "study"?

Slate.com recommends studying a group called "massholes." A Masshole is a resident of the Northeast, primarily Massachusetts, who possesses a nearly carnal love for the Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, and Bruins; operates motor vehicles in an aggressive fashion; drinks Sam Adams; and overuses the word wicked. Massholes can be found summering in many sandy New England locales, mostly in the Cape Cod area.

I would suggest heading down South and following a group of "rednecks." For these dip-spittin folks, parties are held in cornfields, Natty Light is the drink of choice, muddin' is a Friday night activity, and mounted animal carcasses are the home decor. And I can talk about this with confidence because I grew up in the midst of all of these things.

Man, I miss those days...

What socio-cultural group do you think MTV should do a show on?

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