Superbowl Halftime Show

Superbowl Sunday isn't just about football. Hilarious commercials and whether or not the halftime show rocked or flopped are often talked about just as much as the final score the next day.


There's been some seriously good shows, like the video above from Superbowl XXXV that featured practically every artist in the late 90s music scene, and the Stones were solid in Superbowl XL...even with the oversensitive censorship of their lyrics (thanks alot Janet for making broadcasters paranoid).

This year, The Who are going to be performing during halftime. I have to say, it's going to be tough topping the Boss's performance last year, even with his crotch slide into the camera. It's been reported that they're going to do some sort of greatest hits medley. As long as they play Baba O'Riley, I'll be a happy camper.

What's been your favorite Superbowl halftime show?

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