If You Could Only Solve One Mystery of Lost...


Lost TV Show

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Tonight the final season of Lost begins and FINALLY, all of our answers will be answered by the end...at least we hope so.


This show is notorious for it's confusing, winding, twisting storylines, so there are tons of unanswered questions that Lost fans are dying to have answered.

But what if you could only have one mystery solved? Which one is bugging you the most?

JenE4: Libby!!! What the heck? Did she play a part in getting people to the island by being in Santa Rosa with Hurley and giving Desmond the boat? Does she "work" for Jacob? For Widmore? For the "shadow of the statue" people?

Teal: Who is good and who is bad or if the question of good and bad irrelevant?  I've been re-watching the first season and I remembered back then thinking I knew who was bad and who was good but my mind has changed on it. Same with Ben, Eko, Ana Lucia.  People who say they are the good guys I wonder if they are really.

rachel_husker: I find John Locke to be one of the most intriguing characters of the series, so: is the "John Locke" on the island REALLY John?  Did he come back to life OR is it something evil inhabiting his body?

mommateapot:I want to know WHY they were chosen. They all seem to have backgrounds of hardship that help them through each situation.

Okay Lost fans...let's hear it. If you could only have one mystery solved, which one would it be?

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