Lost Final Season Premiere: Are You Excited?

Lost TV Show

Photo from Lost/ABC

Tomorrow is the big day for Lost fans...the sixth and final season premieres on ABC at 8/7c.


It's definitely one of those shows that has a huge following, and moms in the Lost Fans group are chattering excitedly about the approaching date.

JenE4: I can't wait! My son and I just finished rewatching Season 5. There was so much I had forgotten! I'm glad they're doing one of their infamous recap shows before the 2-hour premiere. I'm sure they'll point out all the important tidbits we're supposed to remember.

steph_hailee: I'm just too excited but then sad at the same time since this is the last season. OMG tomorrow is the day! Can't wait!

Are you a Lost fan? Getting excited for tomorrow night's premiere?

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