Top 5 Superbowl Commercials

The Superbowl is always a highly-anticipated event, not just for the game but also the commercials. With ad spots costing as much as $3.2 million for a 30-second spot, companies definitely don't scrimp on production costs, and some of the most memorable commercials made their debut on Superbowl Sunday.

Here is a list of my top five most memorable Superbowl commercials:

1. McDonald's The Showdown (1993):

Larry Bird and Michael Jordan go head-to-head with outrageous shots.



2. Electronic Data Base Systems Herding Cats (2000):

Rugged cowboys tell their stories of riding a herd...of cats.


3. Budweiser Frogs (1995):

This commercial kicked off a long-time campaign featuring these famous amphibians.


4. Apple 1984 (1984):

Introduction of the first Macintosh computer. Wow, think of how far we've come in just 25 years.


5. When I Grow Up (1999):

Kids stare into the camera and recite their lifelong dreams of becoming not a fireman or teacher but to “claw my way up to middle management," and "be a brown-noser."

Do you watch the Superbowl? If so, do you watch for the football or for the commercials (or both)? What has been your favorite Superbowl commercial so far?

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