Duggar Baby Update on Today Show

Looks like sweet little baby Josie Duggar is doing well.

The 19th child for Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, who was born three months premature, is still in NICU but has already nearly doubled in size.


The stars of TLC's 19 & Counting gave an interview with Meredith Vieira via satellite yesterday morning on the Today Show.

"Little Josie is seven weeks old today and that's a lot to celebrate and she's doing very good. She's already doubled in weight so she now weighs 2lbs and 4oz." Michelle says. "It's amazing how they can sustain life as such a tiny, tiny age. The hospitals have done a wonderful job and it's amazing what they can do with little babies."

"We're so thankful that Michelle is donig great adnt he baby is doing great. We're so blessed," Jim Bob said.

They've moved most of the family to Little Rock to be close to Josie. Meredith asked Jill, who is old enough to visit Josie in the hospital, what she thought of her new little sister.

"She is so precious. Seeing a baby that small is amazing. I just cry every time I go there. Her whole hand can barely wrap around my pinky. Seeing that precious little life being sustained at that age...it's just beautiful."

Normally, they keep preemies in the hospital until the day their due date. “They take about three steps forward and two steps back. They say never trust a preemie. That’s just typical,” Jim Bob said. “Overall, she’s done very well. She’s gained a pound. Probably within the next month she’ll gain another pound or two. We look forward to the day we can bring her home and join the rest of the bunch.”

So glad to hear that mama and baby are doing well!

The special "Duggar Delivery" episode of 19 Kids & Counting premieres Sunday, January 31st at 8/7 Central.

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