Can True Love Be Found on Reality TV?

True love can be found anywhere, right? In the grocery store aisle, walking the dog, in yoga class, on a reality TV show...


Who's to say that those catty girls on For the Love of Ray J or the wanna-be groupies on Rock of Love aren't on there to find true, meaningful, grow-old-together, love? that may be stretching it.

Personally, a reality TV show would be the last place I'd venture to find my true love. I think I'd have a better chance of getting struck by lightning. Twice. In the same spot.

But maybe that's just my cynical self talking. I mean, look at Trista and Ryan from the first season of The Bachelorette. Apparently, true love can happen in forced, unrealistic settings.

Do you think true love can be found on reality TV? (SO and family aside) would you ever look for love on a reality show?

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