Bye, Bye Simon...American Idol Won't Be the Same

Simon Cowell

Photo from American Idol

Surprise, surprise...Simon Cowell has officially announced that this is his last season on American Idol.


Rumors have been swirling ever since last season, so I'm not shocked in the least bit.

But if you can't live without Simon's crass criticism, have no fear. Starting in fall of 2011, he will no doubtedly be bringing contestants to tears on his new show, X Factor, another UK talent show transplant, on Fox.

I hate to say it, but American Idol just won't be the same without Simon's rough-around-the-edges honesty. Randy better step it up, and not just in his usage of the term "dawg."

Well, at least we have one more season left of the show before it inevitably goes downhill. The season 9 premiere begins this week with auditions starting on Tuesday, January 12th at 8/7c on Fox.

Do you think American Idol will be the same without Simon? Who would you want to see replace him?

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