Conan Gets the Boot...Finally!

I've only watched Conan O'Brien on the  Tonight Show a handful of times. Mostly because I felt awkward even in the safety of my living room just watching the bombings of joke after joke.


I feel that if you are a comedian on a TV show and your guests get more laughs than you manage to rally, then, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you probably suck.

Conan O'Brien took over the Tonight Show reins from Jay Leno this past summer and ratings have been dropping ever since. Now that NBC has more or less publicly said "oopsy," they've given the spot back to Leno.

Okay, so NBC slightly screwed over Conan with the promise of hosting the Tonight Show  (not to mention he turned down a hefty deal six years ago because of that promise), but that's showbiz people.

It's still up in the air on what exactly Conan will do next. Fox has long shown an interest in having him on their network, or he could always bite the pride bullet and go back to the midnight slot.

Are you happy to see Jay Leno back as host or did you prefer Conan? What do you think Conan should do for his next gig?

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