The 'Golden Girls' House Is for Sale for the First Time Ever

Devan McGuinness | Jul 31, 2020 TV
The 'Golden Girls' House Is for Sale for the First Time Ever

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Growing up, we gain an attachment to the house we were raised in. Hopefully, there were some great memories in the home and a sense of fondness, thanks to what went on inside the four walls. There is a saying that it's not the house that makes the home, but the people in it, and while that's true, there is something about the house, too. It takes on a personality -- we learn all the strange noises it makes in the middle of the night and remember the moments that made each dent and divot in the wall. It's a magical feeling, and while it's not quite the same thing, there is an attachment to the family homes on the TV shows we grew up watching, too.

One of the most popular shows growing up was The Golden Girls. If it wasn't a show that we watched, it was certainly one we can recall our parents watching when we were supposed to be in bed. The first episode aired in 1985, and during the seven years it ran -- with a total of 180 half-hour episodes -- we got to know Dorothy, Rose, Sophia, and Blanche. The show revolved around the lives of these four women, who were retirees and living together, and were drastically different from each other.

Golden Girls was so popular and beloved, that even Queen Elizabeth loved the show and invited the actors to perform a scene live for her at the Royal Variety Performance in London in 1988. Now, 35 years after the show left the airwaves, it's still quoted on the daily -- and when the original home hit the market for purchase, excitement hit the air. The photos of the interior of the home that the show was filmed in isn't what we would have expected to see, and that makes us love it even more.

Come take a tour inside the Golden Girls house in Brentwood, California, which is on sale for the first time ever.

  • The Living Room


    The house we got to see on the TV show is not the same location as the real house. The home is actually in Brentwood, California, not Miami, Florida. According to House & Home, this home was only used as the exterior of the home on the show. The inside of the house -- which was totally '80s with its decoration and style elements -- was on a set in Hollywood. The actual Miami address used in the show does not exist. But this real home does, and it's for sale for the first time ever.

  • Another Peek


    The home is just under 3,000 square feet, and the inside looks nothing like we would have imagined given the TV show. Instead of dusty pink and palm leaf wallpaper, there's a tranquil and calm décor throughout the home. The "four-bedroom, four-bathroom house designed by Hawaiian architects Allen Johnson and Thomas Perkins with mid-century Hawaiian- and Japanese-inspired design," House & Home notes.

  • Incredible View


    The adorable and charming home has been listed for the first time with Douglas Elliman real estate. It's located at 245 N. Saltair Ave. in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, California -- and it could be all ours for a cool $2,999,000. While this is totally the original Golden Girls home, inside is anything but old and dated -- and it's everything modern and filled with light.

  • Such Clean Lines


    The listing says, "This impeccably maintained Mid-Century Modern treasure is one of TVs most familiar exteriors, a stand-in for the fictional Miami locale of The Golden Girls. The TV interior was just a set; the inside of the real Brentwood residence was private and is being revealed for the first time in 65 years." The single family home was built in 1955, but the interior is completely updated. 

    Just look at these gorgeous vaulted ceilings!

  • Open Concept


    There's an open flow concept to the home, but it's not fully open. From the main living room, the dining room nook can be seen off to the side. The home has huge open rooms and tall vaulted ceilings, which is totally different from the boho-vintage look of the inside of the Golden Girls home on TV. This home has all its original oak floors which have been preserved and restored to perfection.

  • Outside Dining


    Just look at this backyard! This gorgeous private seating and eating area outside is perfect for the warm summer days. There is a calming simplicity to this setup while still feeling totally extravagant and worth the price tag of the home. We imagine if  the Golden Girls really lived inside this home, they would have enjoyed many drinks out here on the patio. 

  • Inside Dining


    The home has these incredible floor-to-ceiling windows that have built in sliding Japanese shoji screens, according to House & Home. That means each room can be filled to the brim with joyful sunlight, and there's no need to have drapes or fret over blinds when the sun is too bright. There's the ability to have a private meal by closing the screens, or leaving it open for that big open space feel.

  • Perfect Layout


    Just looking at this dining room, and there is such a sense of calm we imagine meal times are super chill. According to the Trulia listing for the Golden Girls home, "the ultra-high beamed ceilings create expansive volume and visual transparency perfectly connecting indoors and out" -- and that is precisely why having breakfast and a coffee here in the morning, or sneaking down for a midnight bowl of ice cream would be perfect.

  • Oh, the Kitchen


    Yes -- just look at this kitchen. It's not like a typical kitchen with granite countertops and bright white cupboards. Instead, this home has its original (yes, original to 1955) kitchen in this unusual "punchy pistachio and turquoise" look, according to House & Home. Adding, "Eames-style moulded chairs and terrazzo floors conjures up a vintage vibe in the kitchen."

  • Master Bedroom


    With a master bedroom in a home that has a nearly $3 million price tag, we would imagine an extravagant room, and this doesn't disappoint. The calm neutral colors make the room feel large, and the smart cabinets for storage are minimalist gold. There is no overcrowding here, and it helps to create a sense of calm -- which is what every bedroom should be. 

  • Spa-Like Bathroom


    "A walk-in shower is a generous addition," House & Home pointed out, adding, "typically mid-century homes had compact shower enclosures. Sleek and simple cabinets suit the modern aesthetic." The bathroom keeps spa-like feel that the rest of the house has. It's also in the neutral colors, choosing to add in pops of texture to give something extra for the eyes. 

  • Guest Room


    Who would not want to be a guest in this spacious room? Again, this room keeps with the neutral theme opting to add pops of color with the yellow chair and artwork on the wall. The oak floors continue into this room, and just look at those incredible windows and all the light flooding in. 

    We imagine Blanche would have loved it in here. 

  • Office Space


    While this room is currently set up as an office, it would also make a really cozy reading room -- or if there are kids in the family, maybe a playroom? It's got just the right amount of space in this room to put a few pieces of furniture without feeling overwhelming trying to fill the space. Also, with the mix of large and small windows, there's literally no way to do this room wrong. Again, we see the same minimalist decor and it just really works. 

  • Covered in the Trees


    There isn't a whole lot of land that comes with the house, but the 0.26 acres is manicured to perfection, and mature trees offer a barrier of protection around the home from prying eyes. Just imagine the wonderful breeze and shade these offer on a hot day. The gardens around the home are filled with tropical plants.

  • Talk of the Street


    The soft and calming way this home is decorated paired with all those small but mighty details that make every corner eye catching. (It's a steal of a home.) While it's most famous for being the exterior of a beloved TV show that graced millions of TVs, it would be impossible to not fall in love if this was the home to make all those memories in, too. 

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