15 of Farrah Abraham's Most Head-Turning Moments With Daughter Sophia

Chloe Wilt | Jun 26, 2020 TV
15 of Farrah Abraham's Most Head-Turning Moments With Daughter Sophia
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Farrah Abraham
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Farrah Abraham infamously makes some questionable decisions as a mom. The 29-year-old got her fame by being one of the original teen moms on MTV's 16 & Pregnant. Since then, she has made headlines over and over again for some inappropriate moments with her daughter, Sophia. These cringe-worthy and totally inappropriate situations have led to Farrah being criticized as a mother, but sometimes, it's not totally deserved. If there's one thing that's clear, it's that Farrah loves 10-year-old Sophia dearly. She doesn't always make great choices for the tween, but her intentions are good.

Still, these shockingly improper moments happen ... a lot.

All of Farrah and Sophia's head-turning moments have been captured on social media, some reality series, or by the paparazzi. There's really no hiding this questionable behavior when their entire life is broadcast for the world to see. 

Raising Sophia in the public eye has also yielded some criticism for the teen mom. Cyberbullying and hate comments are rampant on the tween's Instagram page, and many think Farrah should somehow monitor those remarks. Farrah disagrees, though, and has expressed she thinks it builds Sophia's character. Sophia has definitely grown up faster than most other kids her age. (Sometimes, that's the subject of Farrah's criticism as a mom.) 

It's unsurprising, though, when thinking about the person who raised Sophia. Farrah garnered even more fame after her time as a reality star when she leaked her own sex tape. That was just the beginning of Farrah's controversial decisions as a parent. 

Here are 15 of the most insane moments yet. 

  • Hitting Sophia With a Vibrator