Netflix Hit ‘Tiger King’ Has Police Reopening Decades-Old Cold Case

Carole Baskin

After the Netflix docuseries Tiger King has taken the internet by storm, the story of Carole Baskin and Joe Exotic is actually having an impact on real-world events. In fact, the police have reopened the case about Carole's missing husband, which just goes to show how people's curiosity (and their memes) can actually affect change that goes beyond Netflix.

Who knew?!

  • As fans of the series know, 'Tiger King' left us with the mystery of what happened to Carole's husband.

    Multimillionaire Jack "Don" Lewis has been gone since 1997, and in the more than 20 years since, there still haven't been any conclusions about where he might be -- although fans are more than convinced that Carole had something to do with it.

    Those obsessed with the show have been hinting that Carole may have killed her husband, and although it's hard to say how accurate that accusation might be, it's been enough to get police interested in finding out the truth.

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  • The Hillsborough County sheriff recently tweeted asking for new leads in Don's disappearance.

    If Don is still alive, he'd be 81 years old today, but where is he? It's definitely worth a shot (or a tweet) to find out again, given that so many people are now deeply interested in the case. Maybe the story of Tiger King being shared so widely will help bring in new information that the police didn't already have ... or it could end up clearing Carole's name for once and for all.

  • Fans are all pretty much convinced that Carole is guilty.

    Facebook comments

    The majority of commenters out there are convinced that the Netflix series may be what truly puts Carole behind bars. (What she said about sardine oil in the series is particularly making people suspicious.) It goes without saying that, as far as fans are concerned, Carole's prime suspect number one. But whether or not that's true, it can't hurt to reopen the investigation, even years later.

  • Meanwhile, Carole's maintaining her innocence. 

    In a statement to E! News, Carole said she was upset that the series didn't focus more on the exploitation of big cats.

    "There are no words for how disappointing it is to see that the series not only does not do any of that, but has instead chosen to be as salacious and sensational as possible to draw in viewers," she said. "As part of that, they devoted an entire segment to 23-year-old lies and innuendos suggesting I was involved in my husband Don's 1997 disappearance." 

  • We may never know what really happened to Carole's husband, but at least this is a start. 

    Who knows? With so many people watching Tiger King, doing research, and being stuck at home, maybe someone will be able to crack this case that's been left unsolved for more than two decades. It definitely can't hurt to give it a shot. 

    In the meantime, we may just have to watch the series again to look for clues. If police can't solve it, maybe we can ...