Jenelle Evans & David Eason Are Reportedly Living Together Again

Jenelle Evans

We've been assuming this would happen because Jenelle Evans and David Eason have seemed to be getting along lately, but that doesn't mean we're not disappointed. According to a new report, Jenelle and David are living together after splitting up last year, and now, we have serious doubts that they're actually going to go through with their divorce. Can't say we didn't see this coming ... 

  • Reportedly, Jenelle and David are back together in their North Carolina home. 

    A source close to the former Teen Mom 2 stars told TMZ that Jenelle and David have been living on The Land again, off and on for several weeks, and supposedly, they're taking things slowly as they reconcile after some much needed time apart from each other. 

    Is there such a thing as reconciliation after all these two have been through, though? For a while, we didn't think so, but apparently, we were wrong.

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  • And if you needed any proof, there's apparently a new pet in town. 

    TMZ also pointed out that Jenelle and David have recently posted photos of the same baby goat on their social media accounts, so even though they're not outwardly confirming that they're back together, the evidence is still there. The goat is cute, but we definitely don't think that pet ownership (even for their farm) is a great idea, given everything that happened with their dog, Nugget, last year.

  • Jenelle's been living in Tennessee lately, but she and David have been spotted together.

    In fact, earlier this month, they were even seen out and about with their daughter, Ensley, in Nashville. At the time, we had a feeling this wasn't just a co-parenting outing -- and it seems our gut feelings were right about that. Really, it just looks like Jenelle and David have been working on putting their relationship back together for a while, and that doesn't seem like a good thing to us.

  • Most of all, we're just worried about everyone's safety.

    After Jenelle and David split in October, Jenelle filed for a protection order against him, making some pretty scary claims about the abuse that she and her children went through while living with him. It made us so relieved she managed to make an escape, but is going back to David the best thing for her and her kids? She's dropped the protection order, yeah, but could things have changed that much in just a matter of months?

  • Whatever's going on, we hope Jenelle makes the right choice. 

    Of course, we're not Jenelle, but we think she's better off with her original plan of running in the opposite direction as far as she could from David, because it's pretty clear that guy is bad news.

    Hopefully, these reports aren't true, and Jenelle's still trying to rebuild her life in a positive way. We don't want to see her back in the same scary situation she was in last year -- and we just want her and her kids to be safe.