New Trailer for 'Little People, Big World' Shows Tension on Roloff Farm

Courtesy of The Learning Channel

Matt Roloff, Tori Roloff, Zach Roloff, Jackson Roloff, Amy Roloff
Courtesy of The Learning Channel

It's happening! Starting next month, Little People, Big World is back, and we already have a first look at the season ahead. This week, a new trailer for Little People, Big World debuted, and it's pretty clear that the upcoming episodes are going to be full of tension -- especially when it comes to Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff duking it out as they decide what to do with the farm.

  • Amy shared the new trailer on Instagram, and it's a lot to take in. 

    The trailer recaps what's been going on in the Roloff fam recently, from Tori and Zach welcoming their new daughter, Lilah, to Amy finally making the huge decision to move off the farm ... and not all of it is what we'd call pleasant. Still, Amy is looking forward to seeing these new eps air.

    "Little People, Big World returns March 31st on TLC! Watch the trailer below, and take a look back at where we've been and where we're going! The future is so bright!" she wrote. "I'm excited to share this new season of life (and tv!) with you -- watch as I decide to move from the farm, sweet baby Lilah joins us, and so much more!"

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  • The season ahead is all about life post-divorce for Matt and Amy.

    Here's the description of the new episodes, straight from a press release from TLC: 

    "After Matt partially buys out Amy’s stake in Roloff Farms, she decides that living 500 feet from her ex-husband no longer suits her lifestyle and embarks upon a journey to find a new home, and by extension, a new life. Meanwhile, her boyfriend Chris has a different milestone in mind -- one that involves a diamond ring! 
    But it’s not just Amy whose life is transforming; right as Zach and Tori are getting the hang of being parents to son Jackson, they find out Tori is pregnant again -- this time with a little girl! But this pregnancy proves far more difficult than her first, as Zach and Tori await the news of whether or not their baby will be a little person. On the other side of the farm, Matt and his girlfriend Caryn are figuring out what their future together looks like, and while a lot is up in the air, keeping up with the farm is still a top priority."
    Sounds like a lot to look forward to this March! 

  • Of course, we've already seen a lot of this play out on social media. 

    We already know that Tori and Zach welcomed Lilah two months ago and that yes, Lilah is a little person and she seems to be thriving. We also know that Amy is getting settled into her new home, and that she and Chris are engaged.

    But Instagram posts don't go quite as in depth as actually getting to see these events unfold as they happen, and that's where the new episodes come in. It's definitely going to be interesting! 

  • Tori seems pretty excited the show is back, too.

    She shared this cute announcement on her Instagram Story on Wednesday, reminding fans to mark their calendars for the premiere. It's going to be a big one for this particular branch of the Roloff family tree, after all. 

    Besides, it's been far too long since we've caught up with this couple on TLC. We're ready for this, and it sounds like their family is, too. 

  • We can't wait to see everything unfold starting March 31. 

    According to Matt's Instagram post about the new season, they've been filming over the last six months, so it sounds like anything that happened in the second half of 2019 is fair game. Considering all the ups and downs this family has had, it sounds like there is plenty of drama (and fun) in store for fans who tune in. We can't wait!