15 Remixed '90s Shows on Netflix We Can Watch With Our Kids

Nicole Pomarico | Jan 24, 2020 TV
15 Remixed '90s Shows on Netflix We Can Watch With Our Kids

Jet Jurgensmeyer, Isabela Merced, and Colin Critchley in Legends of the Hidden Temple (2016)
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The year might be 2020, but it's never been a better time to be a '90s kid -- especially for those of us who have felt a lot of nostalgia about our favorite childhood TV shows and wish we could relive that magic with our own kids. Because we have a little thing called Netflix, and now that '90s TV reboots are totally in, our favorite shows are coming back, updated and better than ever. And although some are still in the production phase, many of them are even available for our streaming enjoyment already. 

What could be more entertaining than that?

So many of our favorite memories include watching shows such as The Magic School Bus and Rocko's Modern Life after school and on weekends, and Netflix has managed to bring both back for a revival, updated to fit into today's world and TV. There are plenty of shows and movies based on '90s faves for kids of all ages, from the more recent Rugrats movies to a brand-new take on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

And of course, we couldn't forget sitcom reboots like Fuller House -- because honestly, that's one we'd binge watch all day, with or without the kids around. Who didn't want to be just like DJ Tanner when they grew up? 

Here's a roundup of remixed '90s shows that are available to stream on Netflix (or will be available soon). Sure, we might roll our eyes at all the reboot news that seems to be coming out every single day, but in the end, we're the real winners.

  • 'Goosebumps'


    We're talking about the classic Goosebumps series here -- and this is best watched with kids who love a scary story or two. But in case anyone's looking for something more recent, the 2018 Goosebumps 2 movie is streaming too.

  • 'Legends of the Hidden Temple'


    We can remember countless hours of watching the Nickelodeon TV show of the same name in the '90s, and it's back -- this time in movie form. This Nick original movie is a fictional story about siblings who get trapped in a secret temple ... and how they find their way out.

    Should anyone be jonesing for Legends of the Hidden Temple, the series is coming back with a fun twist!

  • 'The Baby-Sitters Club'

    The Baby-Sitters Club
    Courtesy of Scholastic

    Fans of this book series are going to love this! A Baby-Sitters Club series is in the works at Netflix, and soon, a 2020 take on the popular Ann M. Martin books will be available for our viewing pleasure. Hopefully, it will catch the attention of our kids just like it did for us in the '80s and '90s.

  • 'The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers'


    There are so many different incarnations of the Power Rangers franchise, both old and new, that we don't even know where to begin! All we know is that we'll never forget watching the show -- and playing with the action figures -- and getting to watch it with our kids as adults is everything

  • 'Rugrats'


    Much like Power Rangers, there are also a couple of options when it comes to this original Nickelodeon series. Both Rugrats: The Movie and Rugrats In Paris are streaming, and reliving these classics with our kids is so much fun. 

  • 'Fuller House'


    We loved Full House in the '90s (especially Uncle Jesse!), and Netflix is now streaming its original reboot of the series, Fuller House. Not only is it totally entertaining (and very true to the spirit of the original), but it's perfect for watching with the whole family.

  • 'Rocko's Modern Life'


    As one of the biggest '90s Nickelodeon shows, of course Rocko's Modern Life made this list. This 2019 take on the series brings Rocko into the 21st century after traveling through space, and it's the perfect opportunity to catch up with the classic characters.

  • 'Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return'


    Yep, Netflix even brought back Mystery Science Theater 3000. Two seasons of the reboot are currently streaming, and this time around, it's starring Patton Oswalt. It might be a new version of the show, but it's definitely enough to entertain adults and kids alike.

  • 'Bill Nye Saves the World'


    This series might be a better one to watch with older kiddos, but it definitely brings back the "science rules" vibes of the original series with more updated, current topics. And as a bonus, there's also a documentary on Bill streaming on Netflix. 

  • 'What's New Scooby Doo?'


    Scooby Doo is the crime-solving dog who's been entertaining kids for generations, and even kiddos in 2020 are going to love him as much as we did when we were little. There are a few versions of Scooby to be found on Netflix, and this series is the 2005, more updated version.

  • 'Carmen Sandiego'


    Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Even in 2020, that's a mystery that hasn't quite been solved yet. This 2019 animated series about the famous thief stars the voice talents of Finn Wolfhard and Gina Rodriguez and gives us an update on the '90s hit series we once loved, Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?

  • 'The Magic School Bus Rides Again'


    Our childhoods would not have been complete without Ms. Frizzle, and now, our kids can meet her -- in their own way. The Netflix Original series is all about Ms. Frizzle's sister, Fiona, who becomes a teacher and takes the class on crazy adventures, just like her sis did.

  • 'Trolls: The Beat Goes On'


    Any '80s or '90s kids remembers playing with Trolls, and now, they're living on in an original Netflix animated series about Queen Poppy and Branch in Troll Village. Fans of the Trolls movies will especially love this one.

  • 'The Garfield Show'


    We will never forget this lazy, lasagna-loving cat, and he's got his own, more recent show these days. On The Garfield Show, it's all about Garfield, Jon, and Odie all over again -- with a way more updated animation style.

  • 'My Little Pony'


    This is another series (and toy) that was super popular with those of us who were kids in the '80s and '90s. There are so many versions of My Little Pony on Netflix, including all kinds of movies and series about these pretty (and sassy) toy horses.

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