15 Things To Know for People Who Haven't Seen 'You'

Nicole Pomarico | Jan 23, 2020 TV
15 Things To Know for People Who Haven't Seen 'You'
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Penn Badgley in 'You'

We'll admit it: We're completely obsessed with You on Netflix. Just watching the way Penn Badgley's character, Joe Goldberg, manages to escape after doing unspeakable things to multiple people is pretty fascinating, and after season two debuted on Netflix in December, we officially can't get enough. But there are actually people out there who haven't seen You yet (hard to believe, we know), and being that the hype around this show has been real, they're probably wondering what it's all about. Given how absolutely nuts You is, where do we even start?

At its most basic core, You is a show about a guy who's looking for love ... but in the end, it's so much more than that. The objects of Joe's affection end up in some serious danger, and usually, that danger spreads to the people around them too. 

It's a hard show to explain to someone who's never seen it, and the only way to truly get it is to watch it. But just in case anyone out there needs a little convincing, there are certain things about the world of You that are critical to know to understand the series, and they might just end up drawing people in.

Haven't watched You yet and want to know what the future holds before jumping into the first season? This is a good place to start. It's also not a bad chance for people who are already fans of the show to catch up on exactly why it's so insane to watch ... and how Joe just keeps pulling us back in, even though we know better than to root for an actual killer. 

If anyone needs us, we'll be here, counting down the days 'til You season three. There could never be enough episodes of this twisted show.

  • It's Not a Show for the Weak of Heart


    ... and by "weak of heart," we mean if the thought of blood pooling around a lifeless body on multiple occasions is too much for any viewers at home. They might want to sit this one out. 

    This show is just a bit gory, because it's about a killer and all that. Hard to avoid the killing part! 

  • Penn Badgley Is Basically Playing Dan Humphries All Over Again


    Any Gossip Girl fans in the house? Yep, we were shocked when the show revealed that Dan was actually Gossip Girl, and that iconic role of Penn's somehow rolled perfectly into his role on You. Lonely Boy is essentially Joe Goldberg, just with a lot more murder. Looking for love and violating people's privacy along the way? Yep, that checks out. 

    Sure, Dan didn't kill anyone on Gossip Girl -- at least, not that we know of.

  • No One Closes Their Blinds ... Ever


    It's like no one in the You universe is concerned about their privacy one bit, but with Joe around, they should be very, very concerned. 

    Similarly, no one on the street ever alerts the cops that some dude is spending a lot of time looking into women's windows. Are the people in You OK?? 

  • Narrating EVERYTHING Is Totally Normal

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    watching YOU all day? tell us about it.

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    Yeah, we're all constantly thinking -- we're human, after all. But Joe takes his internal commentary to the next level, and we have to wonder if he ever gets tired of hearing himself drone on and on about how much better he is than everyone else and how he can save all the women around him. 

  • Crossing Boundaries Is a Sign of Love


    And when Joe loves someone, he always goes the extra mile -- by following them out of town for family events, sneaking into their friends' homes to spy on them during girls' night, and stealing their cell phones, of course.

    BTW, this kind of behavior definitely isn't normal.

  • Nosy Best Friends Don't Make It 


    Take it from Peach Salinger, played by the lovely Shay Mitchell. Showing concern for a friend is something that most people are willing to do, especially when they start seeing a shady guy. But when Joe's around, that means they may not survive. 

  • The Plot Twists Are Unreal


    Just when we think we've predicted which way an episode or certain situation Joe's gotten himself into is gonna go, boom -- You changes it all up on us. That means that this show is definitely a fun one to watch, because these plot twists come out of absolutely nowhere.

    Are they unbelievable? At times (OK, most of the time) yes -- but that's part of the adventure.

  • It's Safer to Just Stay Single


    At least, if Joe Goldberg is around, it is. Unless, of course, an unexpected pregnancy pops up ... at which point, it could be the only thing that keeps his latest girlfriend from meeting an early death, interestingly enough.

  • Forty Is Totally a Normal Name


    Because in the second season of this crazy show, a character by the name of Forty was introduced, and we all just kind of accepted it? Then again, Joe's doing way crazier things than having an unusual name, so maybe that's why it seemed normal in comparison.

  • Working Minimum Wage Allows Joe To Live Like a King


    Honestly, we don't know how he does it. In the first season, Joe works at a bookstore and manages to live in his own apartment in New York City. In the second season, he's doing the same as he works at a grocery store in Los Angeles -- only under the name of "Will." Two of the most expensive cities in the country, and he's never low on funds.

    It's not like he's picking up overtime, either. He's too busy killing and stalking people for that.

  • Every Stereotype About LA Is True

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    Nobody: Joe: Hello you.

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    ... at least, according to Joe's perspective, anyway. 

    Everyone's obsessed with social media, lost in their phones, searching for fame, and obsessed with overpriced groceries. Although we're sure there are people like that in LA (there are people like that everywhere, TBH), we think Joe's view might be a bit skewed.

  • Living in a Plexiglass Box Doesn't Seem So Bad


    There are no jobs, bills, or responsibilities in the glass box. Instead, there are only naps and waiting for Joe to show up with food and some good conversation -- hoping he doesn't feel like killing that day, but that's beside the point.

  • Two Words: Uncle Jesse


    Because You is the show that has everything, yes, John Stamos plays a role in the first season, and he even shows up in season two, much to our delight.

    Is anyone surprised he makes a super sexy therapist? Not us!

  • Cops Definitely Aren't Doing Their Job

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    if he’s not using that to look at constellations i’m-

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    It's amazing to watch the police interact with an actual serial killer and not bat an eye. Joe's charming, but we didn't think he was that charming. Are the authorities ever doing what they're supposed to be doing in the You universe?

  • It's Surprisingly Easy to Root for the Bad Guy


    We get it, Joe has killed multiple people, he's toxic in relationships, and he's pretty darn full of himself. This is not a good guy.

    But somehow, watching this show makes us hope he wins in the end. And the sheer psychology of it all is what keeps us coming back for more.

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