Penn Badgley Reveals the One Line Joe Won't Cross in 'You'

Penn Badgley in 'You'

We still can't get over the way You Season 2 ended, and now, Penn Badgley is here to give us even more insight into the brain of Joe Goldberg. In a recent interview, Penn revealed the line Joe won't cross ... and yes, there actually is a line he won't cross.

Hey, he might be a killer, but even he has boundaries! 

  • While talking to Entertainment Weekly, Penn revealed Joe's line in the sand: children. 

    No matter what, he wouldn't kill a child -- in fact, he almost seems protective of them, based on what we've seen the last couple of seasons. 

    It's true. In Season 1, there was Pedro, who Joe watched over and tried to protect from his abusive stepfather at all costs. Then, in Season 2, there was Ellie. Yeah, Joe did kill her older sister and only guardian ... but he's still trying to take care of her now that she has nobody. And we've seen him kill a lot of people, but never a kid.

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  • According to Penn, he's especially protective of his own child ... and that's why Love is still alive. 

    "In the moment, he doesn't kill Love because she's pregnant, and it's kind of silly in a way," Penn said. "Why do you value that human life? Because it's yours?"

    That, and the fact that Joe loves kids, as we've established. What can we say? He might turn into a regular family man in Season 3 (which is officially happening, BTW). 

  • Penn said that there are a lot of things he thinks Joe would never do ... and that audiences couldn't come back from him killing a chid.

    "Clearly Joe has the integrity of a saint when it comes to people underage, and I think the writers are just like 'We're not gonna go there.' Even if it's inconsistent. Even if people who are this bad might actually do that, and they probably do, I think we would all be nauseous and frankly I wouldn't want to be there," Penn said.

    We're gonna agree with that. It would make things so uncomfortable ... even more uncomfortable than this show already makes us, of course. 

  • Here's the interview in full: 

    It's definitely giving us a lot to look forward to when the show is back for the next season, even if that's probably a very, very long time from now. 

    We're dying to see Joe as a dad, though, and to see him go up against Love once again. Something tells us their life in the suburbs is going to be a bit more eventful than their neighbors would probably want.