Amber Portwood Reportedly Has a New Boyfriend Already

Amber Portwood, Leah Shirley

Looks like Amber Portwood is moving on from Andrew Glennon -- and the Teen Mom OG star has already found a new man. Reportedly, Amber is now dating Dimitri Garcia, a man from Belgium, and so far, there are not a lot of details about him (or their relationship) out there, but this is definitely an interesting development ... especially since things between Amber and Andrew still aren't quite settled. 

  • According to E! News, Amber and Dimitri met on social media, and now, he's in the US. 

    It sounds like they're officially dating, and reportedly, he is "staying with her and has been around while she's been filming." 

    Is it just us, or does this sound a lot like the other men who have been in and out of her life? They move in, and then ... they make themselves a little too comfortable.

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  • Sources told Us Weekly that this relationship is pretty legit. 

    "Amber is dating him," the insider said. "Dimitri has only seen her show a few times. He's not a superfan or anything; he's just a guy who happened to watch the show. He thought she was pretty and reached out to her via social media."

    He started out as a Teen Mom fan and now they're dating? OK, this sounds fishy to us 100%. 

    Apparently, they're still getting to know each other, but Dimitri is like a "breath of fresh air" in Amber's life. Hmm... 

  • Meanwhile, Amber has been on radio silence on social media. 

    It seems she's still taking a break from social media, and she hasn't posted since Leah's birthday in November. But that's OK -- she probably needs it.

    In the meantime, E! is reporting that Amber and ex-boyfriend Andrew have continued to film the show separately, and that a no contact order is still in place. We're wondering what he thinks about Amber's new relationship... 

  • We're interested to learn more about Dimitri when 'Teen Mom OG' is back.

    Until then, we'll just have to hope that Amber eventually comes back to social media so we can find out who this guy is and what his deal is.

    And hopefully, Amber's been able to get the help she needs and is in a better place now -- for herself, for Leah, and for James.