Penn Badgley Opens Up About 'You' Season 3 & Why Love Is Joe's Archnemesis

Victoria Pedretti, Penn Badgley

Days after we found out that You Season 3 is happening, we're already finding out more about what we can expect next season, all thanks to Penn Badgley. In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Penn opened up about the third season of You, including his thoughts on love and, well, Love. 

Joe Goldberg has finally met his match.

  • In the interview, Penn said that the third season could end up being an "examination of marriage." 

    When we left Joe and Love, Love is pregnant, and it seems like Joe's doing everything he can to be a good husband and father. But we also know that we can't fully trust Love after she exposed her true self at the end of season two. 

    "It's like a Chinese finger trap. He's going to always be worried that she will kill him or the child -- I'm not even sure," Penn said. 

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  • Because both Joe and Love are capable of killing, Penn says that makes them each other's "archnemesis." 

    "At the end of the day, you can't control other people," he said. "The problem with abusive people is they do do that, and they do think that ... Everything that Joe does, he's going to be hemmed in by the fact that he's like, 'Wow, I wanna get out of here and get rid of her because it's clearly wrong and bad. However, if I do that, I'm leaving my child with her in a situation that's clearly wrong and bad.'" 

    Penn also noted that this could be what makes Joe realize how wrong his actions have been.


  • Penn added that we'll see Joe be protective of his child -- and we already have. 

    "In the moment, he doesn't kill Love because she's pregnant, and it's kind of silly in a way," he said. "Why do you value that human life? Because it's yours?"

    It's going to be pretty bizarre to see Joe as a father, but then again, he's always had a soft spot for kids, whether it's protecting Pedro from his mom's abusive boyfriend or trying to help Ellie when she was in a bad situation with Hendy. It makes sense that he'd be the same way (or even more so) toward his own child, but we have a feeling Love won't make it easy for him.

  • Watch the full interview here: 

    We're sure we've got a long wait ahead for season three, but hopefully, Penn will keep dropping hints for us about everything we have to look forward to. Given the situation that we're about to see Joe in, we have a feeling this might be the most gripping season yet.

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