'You' Season 3 Is Officially on the Way

Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti in You (2018)

Finished binging You and don't know what else to watch? Yearning for more stalking, obsession, and twisted passion? Welp, it looks like we'll get our wish -- hopefully sooner than later. Word is the third season ofYou has been confirmed that has fans of the Netflix hit excited to see the story between Will (aka Joe) and Love continue.

  • Anyone who watched the second season of 'You' knows all about the twists and turns that went down.

    SPOILER ALERT: If you have yet to watch or finish You season two, you're better off not reading on -- or trying to learn details about a new season for that matter. (Seriously, you're doing it to yourself.)

    Aside from Joe flying across the country and changing his name to Will, the creepy guy we can't help but love actually finds love again with a gal named Love who proves to be just as twisted, obsessed, and has a tick that makes her, um ... get rid of people in her way.

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  • Joe -- sorry, Will -- is going to be a dad and seems to have his eyes set on a potential new love interest.

    He better hope Love doesn't peep him peeking at their neighbor, because with the pregnancy hormones and her psychotic tendencies, that likely will not end well for someone -- possibly Will.

    (For real, dude. Leave that alone.)

  • And it looks like the story will continue, as the next season is officially being confirmed.

    Entertainment Weekly noted the third season will have 10 episodes, keeping on trend with the first two seasons, with Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti reprising their roles as Joe/Will and Love. Although there aren't deets about what's in store (yet), time will have to tell if the Netflix series will follow Caroline Kepnes' third book she's in the process of finishing.

  • As you might've guessed, people are all sorts of excited.

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    As creepy and chilling and problematic as You can be, folks can't stop watching -- and honestly, we get it. There's something about Joe/Will that's captivating on screen that keeps us coming back for more. You also has memorable supporting characters each season -- such as Peach in season one and Forty in the second season -- that say what many of us think, even if it puts their lives in danger.

    So, yeah, You is entertaining.

  • Looks like we'll have to wait until 2021 for 'You' season three.

    We have SO many questions we hope get answered. Outside of the obvious drama boiling up between Will and Love, will we see the detective from the first season finally catch up to Joe? Will John Stamos' character, Dr. Nicky, be freed and seek revenge after Forty paid him a visit? Will Ellie come back for answers after the disappearance of her sister?

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