11 Netflix Shows Leaving Us in 2020

Martha Sorren | Jan 14, 2020 TV
11 Netflix Shows Leaving Us in 2020
Image: Netflix

Dalila Bela, Amybeth McNulty, and Cory Gruter-Andrew in Anne With an E

All good things eventually have to come to an end, but that doesn't make saying goodbye any less heartbreaking -- especially now that we're all used to our fave shows and movies coming back in remakes and reboots. We're not conditioned to actually let things go anymore. However, we have to be, because these 11 Netflix shows are ending are ending in 2020 -- whether we like it or not.

In the early days of Netflix original content, the streaming service gave a lot of things second and third chances that maybe didn't perform as well as other offerings. But now, Netflix is tightening up its content options, and that means that not every show will continue to get renewed time after time. All of the shows on this list at least made it one season, but this year will mark their end.

There's a number of original shows leaving Netflix for good in 2020, and some are real fan faves on it -- including Fuller House, a show rebooted from its Full House original. Are we sure no other network wants to try rebooting it again again? They could even call it Fullest House. No?

The only good thing about shows that know they're heading into a final season is that they get a chance to wrap up the show for the fans. There's nothing worse than a series that didn't know it was getting canceled, and then viewers never really get a proper resolution or a chance to say goodbye. Netflix doled out cancellations for these shows far in advance, so they can end on the best terms possible. It doesn't make it easy to say goodbye -- but at least easier.

So prepare the tissues now, because the end is near for these 11 shows.

  • 'Anne with an E'


    After three seasons, the gritty take on the classic Anne of Green Gables story came to an end on Netflix. The most recent season dropped on January 3, but after that, there won't be any more new episodes added to the streaming site.

  • Fun Fact: Fans are Trying Hard to Get 'Anne with an E' Renewed


    The cancellation of Anne with an E has fans so upset they've been rallying for weeks for Netflix to change its mind. Look at any Netflix tweet, and a ton of the replies to it will be cries for an Anne with an E renewal. It's gained such a momentum now as a meme that it seems like even nonfans have gotten in on the rallying cry. 

    So far, the attempt hasn't worked, but maybe another network will take notice and save the show from doom.

  • 'The Ranch'


    The final set of episodes will drop January 24, bringing the show's total to four seasons broken up into eight parts. Throughout that time, The Ranch chronicled Ashton Kutcher's character's return home to his family farm.

  • Fun Fact: 'The Ranch' Had Several 'That '70s Show' Reunions


    Ashton Kutcher appeared on That '70s Show as Michael Kelso, and he helped coordinate several costar reunions on The Ranch. Not only did Danny Masterson appear on several seasons, but Wilmer Valderamma stopped by in season one. Debra Jo Rupp, who played Eric's mom in That '70s Show, also had a cameo, as did Eric's dad, Kurtwood Smith.

  • 'Bojack Horseman'


    This animated series takes place in a world where humans and talking animals coexist. The main character, Bojack Horseman, is a washed up '90s sitcom actor dealing with a whole host of serious issues now that he's out of the business. 

    Bojack Horseman is a topical take on the world that will come to an end January 31 when the rest of season six's episodes are released.

  • Fun Fact: 'Bojack Horseman' Had an A-List Voice Cast


    Bojack fans have been lucky enough to listen to the likes of Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul, Arrested Development's Will Arnett, The Office's Ed Helms, and so many more celebs over the years on the show. It always makes an animated series so much more fun when viewers can recognize the voice behind the character.

  • 'The Rain'


    This Danish show found an American audience intrigued by the post-apocalyptic story line about a virus spread by rain. The third season will be the show's last, and those final episodes are expected to air around May.

  • Fun Fact: The Terrifying Virus in 'The Rain' Isn't Actually That Far-Fetched


    In the Netflix series, a deadly virus was transmitted by rainfall, and it wiped out much of the population. Soon, all available water became toxic. Although the specific deadly nature of the virus on The Rain isn't true to life, it is accurate that water can spread disease and that wind can carry infections through the air -- and drop them other places via precipitation. 

    Let's just hope the wind never sweeps up a deadly virus like in The Rain.

  • 'GLOW'


    Based on a true story, GLOW followed the "gorgeous ladies of wrestling" during the 1980s. The show is a feminist, empowering hit, and fans will be sad to see it go. The fourth and final season will likely air this summer.

  • Fun Fact: Only One Main 'GLOW' Character Is a Professional Wrestler


    A lot of the GLOW actors perform their own stunts on the show, but only one of the characters is played by a real wrestler. Kia Stevens once wrestled under the names Awesome Kong and Kharma. Now, she plays Tamee aka Welfare Queen on GLOW.

  • 'Trinkets'


    In Trinkets, a group of high school misfits find each other through a shoplifters anonymous group. The first season of this show hit Netflix in June 2019, and it was renewed for just one more. Season two is expected to drop this summer.

  • Fun Fact: 'Trinkets' Is Based on a Book


    For fans that are sad that Trinkets will end after only two seasons, they can check out the YA novel that the show is based on. The 2013 book of the same name was written by Kirsten Smith who also wrote The Geography of Girlhood.

  • 'Dark'


    This German-language show found an audience with American sci-fi fans as it chronicled a small town involved in time-travel conspiracies. The story will come to an end with the upcoming third season, which could perhaps premiere in June like the last season did.

  • Fun Fact: 'Dark' Has Been Compared to 'Stranger Things'


    Impatient waiting for the next season of Stranger Things? Give Dark a chance. The German-language series has been favorably compared to the popular '80s-based Netflix series, because of similar sci-fi elements and underlying themes.

  • 'Dear White People'

    This show tackled race issues at a predominantly white college. The several black students in attendance came up against various struggles and leaned on each other for support through the challenging times. The fourth and final season of Dear White People is expected to hit Netflix this fall.
  • Fun Fact: 'Dear White People' Is Based on a Movie


    Also called Dear White People, the movie debuted in 2014. It starred Tessa Thompson, Tyler James Williams, Teyonah Parris, and others. The show kept the character names from the film, but recast for the series. It further expanded upon the world and characters created in the movie -- taking it from two hours to around 20.

  • '13 Reasons Why'


    Originally based on a book, 13 Reasons Why has long since left its source material behind. Filming recently wrapped on the fourth and final season, which is expected to hit Netflix sometime later this year.

  • Fun Fact: Selena Gomez was Originally Supposed to Star in '13 Reasons Why'

    Selena Gomez
    Splash News

    Selena Gomez and her mother bought the rights to the 13 Reasons Why book back in 2007 and were going to make it into a movie with Selena playing Hannah Baker. Eventually, plans for the movie shifted into plans for a TV series, and by then Selena was 25 -- a little old to be playing a high school student. 

    Instead, the role went to 21-year-old Katherine Langford, and Selena took a more behind-the-scenes role as an executive producer.

  • 'Lucifer'


    Lucifer, a show about the devil leaving hell and becoming a consultant for the police, will conclude with its upcoming fifth season. It's expected to be split into two parts, with each part containing eight episodes.

  • Fun Fact: Netflix Saved 'Lucifer' From Its Network Cancellation 


    Lucifer originally aired on FOX, but the network canceled the show after three seasons. (Netflix picked the series up for a fourth and fifth season.) So as sad as it is to see it end, it could have ended much earlier without Netflix's help.

  • 'Fuller House'


    Fans have to say goodbye to the Tanner-Fuller-Gibbler family in 2020. The nine remaining episodes of this reboot will air sometime this year, perhaps around December as previous seasons have. There's set to be a wedding (or maybe more than one) in the final season, which will be fun for longtime fans to see.

  • Fun Fact: The 'Fuller House' Creator Now Owns the Iconic San Francisco Tanner Home


    Jeff Franklin, who created both Full House and Fuller House, bought the San Francisco row home in 2016. At the time, the iconic door was painted green, so he painted it back to red as seen in the show. The series isn't actually filmed there, but its outside was shown in the Full House intro and made the home famous for generations. 

    Now that Fuller House is ending, Franklin plans to sell the real home to someone looking to make it "a full house once again."

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