Mackenzie Douthit's Mom Passes Away After Battling Cancer

Mackenzie Douthit, Angie Douthit

This is absolutely heartbreaking news. After sharing her mom's two-year battle with cancer with fans on Teen Mom 2, new cast member Mackenzie Douthit finally had to say goodbye. On Monday night, Angie Douthit passed away, and we can't imagine what Mack must be going through right now. 

Our thoughts are definitely going out to her and her family.

  • Mack shared the sad news on Instagram Tuesday, along with a sweet caption about her mom. 

    "She did not lose the battle, she won," Mackenzie wrote. "She is healed and running in heaven in eternity. Idk anyone who left earth with such an impact. Your entire life you never wasted a chance to let the world know God's love. When we would try to brag on what an amazing person you are you would respond with 'it’s not me, it’s God.'"

    She went on to point to her mom's inspirational Instagram posts and her many speaking engagements since being diagnosed with cancer -- both of which, no doubt, had a huge impact on everyone she reached out to. 

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  • Mackenzie went on to share a message just for her mom.

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    I love you so much @angiedouthit

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    "Momma, i did not deserve you. But you loved me so unconditionally. You were the glue that held me together," she said. "The one who always believed in me. Idk what I will do without you but I hope this goes by fast so I can hurry and come be with you. You passed a torch down to us and I will not fail you. I will live for Christ and love like him like you always taught me. I will make you proud momma." 

    This is so hard to read, but so sweet. Mackenzie's made it clear both on the show and on social media how close she and her mom were, and although it must be comforting to know that Angie isn't suffering anymore, we know Mackenzie must be grieving this loss so deeply.

  • Back in August, we found out that Angie had stopped treatments for her cancer. 

    At the time, her cancer had spread, and her blood counts were too low to continue with treatment. Four months later, her family has finally had to say goodbye to her -- but even knowing ahead of time that she wasn't being treated, there's no way to prepare for the loss of a loved one like this. 

  • We're sending so many positive thoughts Mackenzie's way. 

    There's no doubt in our minds that the impact Angie left on her family and the world will be felt for years to come. 

    We hope Mackenzie knows how many fans are thinking of her right now. She has so much support!