The 15 Craziest Moments From 'Bachelor' Nation in 2019

Stefanie Parker | Dec 9, 2019 TV
The 15 Craziest Moments From 'Bachelor' Nation in 2019
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What a year it's been! When it comes to The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise, ABC really brought its A-game in 2019. The franchise, best known for roses, champagne, and an endless amount of tears, was jam-packed with juicy drama and scandals that kept fans coming back for more. This year kicked off with Colton Underwood's season, which consisted of one of the most talked about scenes in the series' history (never forget the epic fence jump!) and ended with the text message saga between Blake Horstmann and Caelynn Miller-Keyes, which rocked everyone on the beach in Paradise.

To quote the great Chris Harrison, 2019 has been the most dramatic year in Bachelor history. But it didn't all just happen on-screen. Some of the most compelling moments from our favorite Bachelor stars actually happened when the cameras weren't rolling -- including the rumors of Jed Wyatt having a secret girlfriend back home while filming Hannah Brown's season, or Tyler Cameron reuniting with Hannah off-screen for that highly anticipated drink.

And now, with the final year of the decade coming to a close, it's only fitting to reflect on everything that's happened. So, before it's time to welcome 2020 and all that's to come along with it -- including Peter Weber's hot mess of a season, let's look back at 2019 and remember the craziest, most dramatic moments from Bachelor Nation. 

  • The Fence Jump


    After Cassie Randolph broke up with Colton Underwood during his season of The Bachelor, the athlete delivered one of the most epic scenes in the show's history -- the fence jump. The scene was teased for weeks leading up to the actual episode, leaving fans desperately wondering how it would all unfold. In the episode, Cassie tells Colton that she loved him but wasn't in love with him, and would be leaving the show. Completely distraught, he fled the scene. When crew members chased after him, he jumped a fence and ran into the darkness to escape.

  • Hannah Had Sex, and Jesus Still Loves Her


    Despite the endless amount of red flags Luke P. showed Hannah during her season, he still somehow made it to fantasy suite dates. But his mouth -- and lack of common sense -- ruined everything for him. "I just want to make sure you're not going to be sexually intimate with the other relationships here," he told Hannah just moments before their explosive breakup. Naturally, Hannah put Luke in his place before admitting to her sexual encounters with Peter in a windmill. "I had sex. And Jesus still loves me," she said.

  • The Return of Luke P.


    After their cringeworthy and dramatic split, Luke P. returned to ask Hannah for a second chance. "I couldn't leave and go home without talking to her again and sharing my heart with her and getting a few things off my chest," he said. But his surprise arrival wasn't exactly welcomed. "I'm sorry that your heart's broken but you've already broken my heart like, 15 times through all of this," Hannah told him before sending him home for a second time.

  • Four Times in a Windmill


    Long live the windmill! During the After the Final Rose special of Hannah's season, the reality star came clean about what happened behind closed doors with Peter. "I was a little dishonest about something. Since it's out there, there was something I said that Peter and I did twice. It was actually ... four times," she said. The crowd, which included Peter's parents, erupted into applause and explosive laughter.

  • Jed's Secret Girlfriend


    In the middle of Hannah's season, rumors started to swirl that Jed had a secret girlfriend back home. Hannah ended up choosing Jed in the finale of The Bachelorette, only to break things off after learning about the other woman. The musician tried to defend his actions, but they only made him look worse. Guess Jed wasn't her Mr. Right after all.

  • Second Time's a Charm?


    After things went south between Hannah and Jed, the newly single reality star set her sights on her runner-up, Tyler Cameron. During the After the Final Rose special, she asked the hunky model for a second chance. "I want somebody to be bold and I'm bold and I make bold moves. You're an incredible guy and I'm a single girl. So I thought maybe we could go for a drink," she said.

  • Hannah and Tyler Part 2


    Shortly after Hannah asked Tyler for drinks on live television, the two were spotted by the paparazzi. In the photos, Tyler is holding a suitcase, which left fans wondering if the couple spent the night together. "I want to continue to be a part of his life and I think he wants to be a part of mine," Hannah told Entertainment Tonight.

  • Tyler Trades Hannah for Gigi Hadid


    But Tyler and Hannah's reunion didn't last very long. Just days after Tyler was spotted leaving Hannah's home, he was seen getting cozy with model Gigi Hadid. The unexpected relationship continued for several weeks, and only recently did the two seemingly go their separate ways. As for Hannah's thoughts on the situation, apparently there are no hard feelings. "I want to keep my options open and he can keep his opens open," she told Entertainment Tonight.

  • The 'Paradise' Text Message Scandal


    After Caelynn spent the majority of her time on Paradise trashing Blake's reputation, he decided to take matters into his own hands. While watching the season unfold on TV, he released intimate text messages shared by the two that proved Caelynn's negative stories about Blake are seemingly exaggerated. "This is the last thing I wanted to do, but my name and character are being attacked. My name is all I really have," he wrote on social media. "Most of all, it is the only real way to prove that what is being said by Caelynn and the story that is being shown is far from the truth."

  • Dean Returns to 'Paradise' To Win Caelynn Back


    After dumping her on her birthday, Dean returned to Paradise to ask Caelynn for a second chance. Instead of staying on the beach, the two decided to leave the show and start a life together in Dean's van. Though fans were skeptical of how long they'd last, they're still going strong

  • Jade Gives Birth in a Closet


    Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert welcomed their second child, a baby boy named Brooks, this summer, but the little one's arrival wasn't exactly stress-free. "I gave birth to our healthy baby boy while clutching a bench in our closet," the mom of two shared on Instagram. "It was one of the scariest moments of my life because I felt so out of control, but Tanner, Tanner’s mom, my mom and the medics and firefighters kept me going when I felt like the world was caving in on me and my unborn baby."

  • Demi and Kristian Split


    Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty made Paradise history when they became the first same-sex couple to get engaged on the show. But as beautiful as their relationship was, to say it was short-lived would be an understatement. Almost immediately after wrapping the show, breakup rumors started swirling. Both women eventually took to their respective social media pages to set the record straight. "With a heavy heart full of love for one another we have decided it is best for us to take a step back from our relationship. We ultimately want what is best for us in the long run and for us right now, that means being apart and growing individually," Demi shared.

  • Rachel and Raven's Feud


    Two of Nick Viall's finalists are no longer friends -- and their feud came to light earlier this year. Rachel appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen back in October, but refused to share any dirty details. When asked what caused the tension, she said, "I can't say, I promised I wouldn't say. But it was enough for me to not want to be friends with her." Still, the unexpected falling out of the two friends is surprising for Bachelor fans. 

  • Nick and Kaitlyn Make Amends


    It was the reunion that no one saw coming. Kaitlyn Bristowe broke Nick Viall's heart during her season of The Bachelorette, and spent the next several years making subtle jabs at her former flame. But despite their rocky history, the duo made amends in 2019 and even appeared on one another's podcasts in November. "It's kind of funny that we just didn't talk for four years, three and a half," Kaitlyn said on The Viall Files

  • Hannah Returns to Peter


    She's back! In the trailer for Peter's upcoming season, Hannah shows up for reasons unknown. In the clip, Peter seems completely smitten and is seen asking Hannah to stick around as a contestant. Though the odds of her actually staying are slim, ABC gets two thumbs up for shock value.

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